Cargo and Electro Mechanical System

AMETEK MRO SAI is one of the most experienced and well known cargo system repair facilities in the world. Our technicians have many combined years of experience in repair and overhaul of both the Telair and Goodrich Cargo Loading Systems.

Like all of our other parts and services we incorporate DER, PMA, and OEM serviceable material to help keep costs low for our customers. Specifically, AMETEK MRO SAI has developed multiple DER repairs and PMA’s on the PDU Cargo Roller’s.

  • Cargo Power Drive Units (PDU)
  • Cargo Rollers
  • Linear & Rotary Actuators
  • Stop & Lock Assemblies
  • Lateral Guides
  • Blowers
  • Heaters
  • Switches

AMETEK MRO SAI maintains a repair rather than replace mentality. Utilizing our full, in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities and upon customer acceptance we are able to use FAA/PMA approved parts and DER repairs. This approach allows AMETEK MRO SAI to continuously provide the cost-effective repairs we are known for.

Other advantages that differentiate AMETEK MRO SAI from the competition include:

  • Engineered Innovative Repair Solutions
  • Repair Versus Replace Philosophy
  • Industry Best in Class TAT’s
  • Rotable Inventory
  • Competitive Pricing
  • OEM Trained Technicians
  • Flexible Customer Support
  • Responsive, Best in Class Customer Service
  • AOG Hotline